Vineyard, production and sale of wine in the Périgord

  • 400 000 years ago, Man mastered Fire.
  • 35 000 years ago, Man invented Art.

In the twentieth century, on the same soil with pebbles, sand and flints, his descendants grow the Fruit of the Vineyard to produce a generous and full-bodied wine, well-structured and with a beautiful dark color.

The Périgord, region of traditions and history, delights it's visitors with the multiplicity of its richness.

The Pécharmant-wines (pech-charmant : charming hill), produced on the hills north of Bergerac, are part of this richness.

The Domaine du Haut-Pécharmant, one of the area's leading estates, has 35 hectares of slope vineyards, exposed to the south, which gives an excellent sun exposure to make rich red wines. The plantation is dense, 5000 plants per hectare, but the yield is low : to make concentrated wines, we select a maximum of only eight bunches of grapes to ripen on each vine. The average age of the vineyards is about 35 years. We use four grape varieties to make our Pécharmant-wines : cabernet sauvignon for the tannins and the body, cabernet franc for the fruity aromas, merlot for its roundness and malbec for its delicate taste.

The particular soil of the Pécharmant plays an important role in the making of our characteristic wines : clay with sand and pebbles from the river Dordogne on a layer of rocks called 'tran'.

Today, the fifth generation continues the family traditions. Not only the know-how and experience are passed on... above all it's passion! From the earliest age the children help their parents and learn the magic of being a wine grower.


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